You name it and we can lift it.

Cows out of dairy’s, water tanks and swimming pools over houses, transformers into buildings, concrete tilt panels, there is not much we have not yet tried.

We are fantastically supplied by our local area, our range of clients come from all parts of the community. Conducting work for many local businesses including the local council, Ergon Energy, many local builders, feedlots and abattoirs as well as local quarries.

We work from Toowoomba but also work far afield, going to Dingo and Winton in Central and Western Queensland, Moomba in South Australia, Narrabri and Grafton in New South Wales and all points in between.

All manner of materials and machinery from a 1 tonne forklift to 65 tonne bull dozers and equipment up to 10.5m wide requiring police escorts. The lifting and transport sections of our business work in conjunction to provide solutions to our clients many requirements.

We have a range of franna cranes available for dry hire and also supply cranes with operators for project on both long and short term contracts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in any way.